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DreamHunt India

My name is Manisha Bhati
The Founder & Head of DreamHunt India .

I have an experience of 7yrs teaching students. Also have an experience of Two years working in one of the world’s top most leading investment bank.

I have a great experience in taking up seminars & events for the Today's Young Generation

The ultimate goal of DreamHunt India is to set up workshops of a few days to mould the life of the clueless young generation& also for the Fresh Corporates by guiding them with the best possible techniques

We also take up personal coaching & counselling of the youngsters to make them realize their dreams & how to follow the path of success. We help them out as to how to be consistently motivated during failures. We also help & support girls for especially living their life to the fullest & how to be financially & mentally independent. We completely support & take up events on women empowerment, the right that every girl & lady should have.

DreamHunt India has come up with a motive of transforming the lives of the young generation overall India by making them alert about the upcoming consequences or challenges of life also guiding them to the fullest to choose their passion if not recognized.

DreamHunt India conducts activities to make people realize that nothing in this world is impossible if done with dedication & determination.

DreamHunt India

We're here to help you reach your goal of coaching people to reach their full potential.

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress.

We’ll identify your needs and enhance your growth.