Managing – Money, Marriage and Motherhood

Managing – Money, Marriage and Motherhood


The 3M’s Money, Marriage and Motherhood are the most defining aspects of any adult Female.

Often it is seen that, their dreams and ambition is sacrificed in managing these 3M’s.

But this shouldn’t be the case.

We motivate girls/women in looking beyond these 3M’s and actually fulfilling their dreams and desires.

We influence them making the most of their time and ability by managing these 3M’s.

The right mindset is developed for achieving their desired goals.

The Counselling Format:

Complimentary 30 to 60 minute Coaching Consultation

Sessions are 30 to 90 minutes either via Phone/Skype or Facetime/In-Person/Facebook Chat (session length and frequency depends on which package the client selected)

Unlimited email or Facebook chat support

Occasional brief check-in calls or texts