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Managing – Money, Marriage and Motherhood.

  • The 3M’s Money, Marriage and Motherhood are the most defining aspects of any adult Female.
  • Often it is seen that, their dreams and ambition is sacrificed in managing these 3M’s.
  • But this shouldn’t be the case.
  • We motivate girls/women in looking beyond these 3M’s and actually fulfilling their dreams and desires.
  • We influence them making the most of their time and ability by managing these 3M’s.
  • The right mindset is developed for achieving their desired goals.

The Counselling Format:

The Counselling Format:

  • Complimentary 30 to 60 minute Coaching Consultation
  • Sessions are 30 to 90 minutes either via Phone/Skype or Facetime/In-Person/Facebook Chat (session length and frequency depends on which package the client selected)
  • Unlimited email or Facebook chat support
  • Occasional brief check-in calls or texts

We’ll identify your needs & management of money marraige & motherhood.